There’s enchantment, some sort of magic inside a theatre, something really hard to describe to an outsider. Between those walls, the energy moves and connects with each and everyone there. Some of them may not feel it, others may not be able to listen to it, but when you do, when you are able to understand, something happens, something changes.

Once you have embraced that magic, you are connected forever with it, unless you let it scape from you… but that is another story. And when you are connected with the theatre, you speak the same language. When everybody else is connected with the same energy, you are able to create, to experiment, to play together, forming something different, something unique, something yours.

And so, when you are in group of theatre junkies and all of you are creating something together, you are able to communicate through a language that is only yours. That language can last forever, or for a couple of nights, sometimes it gets lost and you have to find it again, or create it again.

So one night, a couple of days ago, I had one of those nights when you finish the play feeling absolutely amazing, the energy inside of you is incredible, you feel alive. Because sometimes you go walking not feeling alive… The most amazing thing is that it was something everybody else felt, that we had the best performance ever, and we had to celebrate it.

My part seems simple, I just have to turn on and off the lights, but it has a science, a feeling, a way of communicating that I had to learn and understand very quickly. That night, I experimented, I played with them, and it was amazing. I was able to broadcast my emotions, my feelings through a set of lights. I created something…

I see my self as a very creative person, I have my areas of expertise and until that night, I didn’t feel like that was one of them. I mean, I know I’m not an expert and I still have a lot to learn about it, but I learned, I enjoyed, I loved it.

The lights, another character that has something to say, that feels and moves…

Once you feel that, you have to go back, you have to do it again and again. You become a theatre junkie and you feel the need to communicate a lot of things through that simple thing called lights. Such a simple thing and such a complex language.